Traditional Group Benefit Plans
Flexible Group Individually Owned Health & Dental Plans Benefit Plans

Private Health Services Plans (PHSPs) offer an alternative method of providing medical and dental benefits for self-employed individuals, small business owners and larger sized businesses with several employees.  PHSPs will cover virtually 100% of ALL medical and dental services performed or prescribed by a registered or licensed practitioner. You determine the extent of the coverage that you, your employees and their dependents require. Services that are ineligible through traditional insurance programs can now be included in your coverage such as vision and major dental that may have been very costly under another plan.


The principle of the Health Spending Account (HSA) originated in the United States where it is referred to as a “Flexible Spending Account”. It was imported into Canada  in the late 1980’s when Revenue Canada adopted various rules with respect to its tax treatment. The popularity of HSAs has recently increased as employers view them as effective tools in controlling the cost of private health plans while offering attractive options to employees who wish to establish an account.

Health Spending Account

A Cost Plus Account allows for reimbursement of eligible medical and dental expenses which otherwise would have been payable by the individual with after tax dollars. A Cost Plus Account usually replaces a standard medical or dental benefit plan as a Stand Alone program. It also can be offered as a component of a flexible benefit plan or as a compliment to a traditional group insurance plan and can be used to offset any expenses that have not been covered under those types of plans. Premiums paid into a Cost Plus Account are deductible for tax purposes.

Cost Plus Accounts

Employee and Family Assistance Program, also known as EFAP, is a service that provides professional assistance to employees and their families to resolve problems that affect their personal lives and issues at work which may affect their job performance. EFAP also offers services that seek to optimize employee health/mental health and productivity, including family support, child and eldercare referrals, financial and legal guidance and healthy living concerns.

When you contact an EFAP, some basic information will be obtained, allowing intake staff to determine the most appropriate service for each employee. If this includes counselling, an appointment will be set up with a counsellor that best fits an employee’s needs. Subsequent appointments with that counsellor will include conducting an initial assessment, setting mutually agreed upon goals, and working together to meet these goals.