Your Health Care is Only Province Wide

We hear from too many Canadians every year who learned the hard way that their provincial health benefits only go as far as the border — and we’re not talking about the 49th parallel. While Canadians are used to referring to our health benefits as universal health care, it’s important to remember that these benefits
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Remember Your Flu Shot

This winter in the Southern Hemisphere (also known as summer in Canada) Australia, Hong Kong, and other areas experienced a particularly nasty flu season. As the flu season in these countries often indicates how bad the season in Canada will be, this is bad news. Often times, it seems like Canadians consider the flu inconsequential,
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Personal Child Health Insurance

As neighbours to the US, it can be pretty easy for Canadians to get a little smug about our universal health benefits. This is especially true this year; with Trump threatening to stop paying insurers in order to kill the Affordable Care Act, it’s easy to quietly snicker about Canada’s superior health outcomes and affordability.
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Stay Safe this Halloween

With kids out asking strangers for candy after dark, Halloween brings about a lot of opportunity for paranoia. But while the idea of your kids going Halloweening by themselves or with just a few friends may give you the jitters, here are the facts about Halloween. Crime. While there are always a few teenagers and
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Creating Healthy School Lunches

With all the convenience foods marketed as healthy options for your child, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out what to send in their lunch kit. Here are some healthy lunch basics to help you make an informed decision about what’s going into your child’s lunchbox. Sugar! Have you ever noticed that sugar
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What is UV Rating and How Does It Work?

We know that some of you are looking at this blog title and thinking we missed our mark. After all, September has just begun, and that means summer is coming to a close and everyone is already packing away their sunscreen. But maybe you shouldn’t be. Sunscreen doesn’t protect you from the temperature; it protects
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Employee Flexible Benefits

Employee Flexible Benefits - Health Risk Services - Health Insurance Services

Whenever an employer is considering offering benefits, whether traditional or flexible, they’ll need to look at the pros and cons of each to decide which plan to choose. Providing benefits is a good idea for most employers if they want to attract and retain the newest, brightest talent. Millennials aren’t kids anymore. Few consider anyone
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Keeping Healthy During the Summer Months

Keeping Healthy During the Summer Months - Health Risk Services - Health Insurance Services

Here in Canada, we tend to talk a little more about the dangers of extreme cold. After all, Canadians aren’t strangers to whiteout road conditions, frostbite, or hypothermia. However, the summer months can bring their own dangers, and that’s only becoming more true as each passing summer is hotter than the last. Sunburn is likely
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Keeping Your Family Safe This Summer

Keeping Your Family Safe This Summer - Health Risk Services - Private Health Insurance Provider

Are you planning a summer vacation for the family? Great! There are few ways better to spend a summer than helping your kids or teens to explore the world and experience new things. But whether your family will be climbing the Rockies, swimming off the coast of PEI, or trying their first cappuccino in Italy,
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PHSP 101

PHSP 101 - Health Risk Services - Private Health Services Plan Canada

Many of the small business owners we’ve talked to know that they want to offer their employees health benefits, but they aren’t sure what’s the most affordable way to do so. One option that many Canadian business owners may not have considered is a PHSP. PHSP stands for Private Health Services Plan, and it’s a
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