Take the New Year (or January) to Reevaluate Your Health!

As we approach the end of January, the first month of the New Year!   This is a good time to take the time to sit down for a couple minutes to write a list of resolutions for the new year. Right now, many Canadians are trying to decide on which goals they want to work
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How Can Massage Help My Health and Wellbeing?

Generally, people use massage for either general relaxation and wellbeing, or to address a specific complaint, such as pain or limited range of motion. Research suggests massage therapy may contribute to both goals.       Some of the general benefits of massage therapy may include: Physical relaxation Improved circulation, which nourishes cells and improves waste
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Employees Prefer Great Benefits Over Higher Salaries

While the logic of just giving your employees pay raises seems sounds (just hand over the money, and they’ll spend it on what they want), it turns out that many employees — especially those under 35 — are more interested in great benefits than high salaries. So why are employees leaning towards benefits over pay
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President’s Message 2018

December 2018 – Year End Message It is hard to believe that we are already all focused on closing out our last few weeks of business for 2018?!  

Who Should get Travel Insurance?

We hear from Canadians all the time about their cousin, friend, or aunt so-and-so who went on a vacation without insurance and were just fine. We’re sure that’s true, but insurance isn’t there for the times the vacation goes fine and dandy. On the contrary, Health Risk is there for when the plan goes terribly,
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Pet Insurance

How much to spend when our pet gets sick is a dilemma many people face. In fact it’s probably a question asked of most pet owners at some point in their “fur baby’s” life and it can be agonizing. Most of the wonderful advancements that have been made in testing and treatments for humans have
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Don’t Forget to Ask Your Employer About These Benefits

If you’ve just been offered a new job then let us be the first to offer you a warm congratulations! But before you make your decision about whether to take the offer or not, there are a couple things about Employee Benefits that you should remember to ask about. Vacations If you’re a frequenter of our blog,
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Travel Insurance and Cannabis

Cannabis use has been around for a long time but with the pending legalization in Canada, legal recreational use in 9 states and the District of Columbia (although still illegal federally) it’s got Canadians asking questions about how it will effect their travel be handled by insurance companies. First, cannabis is still illegal in Canada,
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Tips for Canadians Traveling Abroad

Most of us living in Canada are pretty darn lucky. It’s hard to overstate how fortunate we are to have access to warm homes, clean water, and affordable healthcare. Other people living in other countries aren’t always so lucky, and when Canadians travel abroad, it’s important to take our health and the health risks of
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