Your Health Care is Only Province Wide

We hear from too many Canadians every year who learned the hard way that their provincial health benefits only go as far as the border — and we’re not talking about the 49th parallel. While Canadians are used to referring to our health benefits as universal health care, it’s important to remember that these benefits
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Remember Your Flu Shot

This winter in the Southern Hemisphere (also known as summer in Canada) Australia, Hong Kong, and other areas experienced a particularly nasty flu season. As the flu season in these countries often indicates how bad the season in Canada will be, this is bad news. Often times, it seems like Canadians consider the flu inconsequential,
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Stay Safe this Halloween

With kids out asking strangers for candy after dark, Halloween brings about a lot of opportunity for paranoia. But while the idea of your kids going Halloweening by themselves or with just a few friends may give you the jitters, here are the facts about Halloween. Crime. While there are always a few teenagers and
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Why Water Intake is so Important During Summer Months

If you’ve never had the incredibly nasty displeasure of experiencing heat stroke, take it from us you really don’t want to. Heatstroke is the opposite of hypothermia (caused when the body’s core temperature is too low), but it doesn’t generally receive the same level of respect from Canadians. If you tried to go out in a blizzard
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