Private Health Services Plan (PHSP)

A Private Health Services Plan, also known as Cost-Plus or a Private Health Trust, is an affordable, flexible option for small business owners to provide hospital and medical benefits to their employees, including extended health, dental and vision, and receive preferential tax treatment. Cost effective and tax efficient, Cost-Plus plans can provide up to 100%
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Improving Mental Health For Your Employees

Improving Mental Health For Your Employees - Health Risk Services - Health Insurance Company

Everyone understands the importance of paid sick days. When an employee is ill with a cold or the flu, they don’t do anybody any favours by coming in for work. They spread illness to your other employees and they feel so miserably sick they don’t accomplish anything. Businesses have learned that they lose less money
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7 Major Nutrients Part 3: Micro and Macro Nutrients

Here at Health Risk, we’re finally finishing up our series on the 7 major nutrients. The unfortunate fact is many Canadian health plans don’t cover access to a nutritionist, so we want to make sure this information is as widely available as possible. We hope that in the future employers will choose to cover nutritionists
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All About Mental Health Days

Talking about mental health is kind of a taboo subject. A lot of people would rather talk about sex or how much they make than discuss their mental health. And that’s a big problem because mental health doesn’t just refer to people struggling with chronic depression or schizophrenia. Every single person has to deal with
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How Do Employees Benefit from Flexible Benefit Plans?

If you’re considering offering your employees flexible benefits, you must be able to communicate the advantages of such plans. From your employees’ perspective, the additional payroll deduction necessary to cover flexible benefit plans must be offset by benefit offerings they truly care about. At Health Risk, we have the ability to select specific benefits from
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Cost Plus Accounts

What Is A Cost Plus Account? A Cost Plus Account allows for reimbursement of eligible medical and dental expenses which otherwise would have been payable by the individual with after tax dollars. A Cost Plus usually replaces a standard medical or dental plan as a stand alone program. It also can be offered as a
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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance What Is Travel Insurance? Travel Insurance is intended to cover sudden, unexpected and unforeseeable circumstances which create a need for emergency treatments such as hospitalization, emergency surgery or dental work, transportation, and recovery or return of personal possessions. Basically, Travel Insurance will provide coverage for health care services in another province or country
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Traditional Plans

Assuris Policy Protection Health Risk Services Inc. offers a number of quality products to meet the specific requirements of your business and the changing needs of your employees. Your benefit plan can be designed for group or individual use which incorporate flexibility and cost control. Choose from a variety of insurance and investment programs designed
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PHSPs (Private Health Services Plans) What is a PHSP?

Healthspending * Non-Taxable

What Is A Health Spending Account (HSA)? A HSA resembles a personal bank account as it works with debits and credits. With a positive account balance, an individual may obtain reimbursement for eligible medical and dental expenses and the account is debited by the paid amount. The amount deposited into each account must be used
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