Private Health Services Plan (PHSP)

A Private Health Services Plan, also known as Cost-Plus or a Private Health Trust, is an affordable, flexible option for small business owners to provide hospital and medical benefits to their employees, including extended health, dental and vision, and receive preferential tax treatment. Cost effective and tax efficient, Cost-Plus plans can provide up to 100%
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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Checklist Basic Travel Insurance may not provide you with everything you need for your travel plans. International or interprovincial travel have requirements and/or needs that must be met. Is your travel insurance flexible and does it automatically become active the instant you are on the move? View this

Disability Insur Checklist

Disability Insurance Checklist There can be many “grey” areas regarding Disability Insurance and subsequently many apprehensions when it comes to paying premiums for coverage. The largest areas of concern are: How will I get paid? How much will I get paid? When will I get paid View this

Health Insur Checklist

Health Insurance Checklist There are several key questions that should be asked when you become involved with the purchase and use of a benefits and insurance programs. It may be obvious that the main areas of concern are coverage and cost. However, with larger organizations and extended health requirements, the details of your plan can
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