Corporate Strategy

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Closely aligned to our mission, our corporate strategy originates from the core of business that has strengthened the position of Health Risk Services Inc. in the competitive marketplace. As an innovative leader amongst the industry of Corporate benefits providers, HRS Inc. has excelled in the role of Third Party Administrator (TPA) and has established itself as an “Action Company” that has more to add to an “Administration Services Only” plan than just simply paying claims:

1.  We will “emphasize” that a plan’s effectiveness is highly attainable by aligning the benefits plan for employees with the values of the organization.

2.  We will “invest in creating” sophisticated and innovative programs.

3.  We will “strategically manage” all programs once they are created and delivered.

4.  We will “target” health & wellness as well as other related services solutions within their programs.

5.  We will “recommend” the integration of appropriate solutions to problems arising with a Flowchartplan such as excessive drug usage or high disability claims.

6.  We will “focus” on implementing the recommended necessary shifts within a program due to claims experience.

7. We will “develop” indicators using current and past experience to determine the impact to the plan of the volume  and duration of future claims.

We plan to further expand this portion of our business by continuing to address and educate Small Business Owners and registered Corporations to the merits and ownership and the multiple benefits of TPA programs.

In the future, we will focus more strongly on our skills and experience in related markets and continue to invest both innovation and technology as they form the foundation of our competitiveness, growth and future success.