What is LGBTQ2+ and what is the +?
LGBTQ2+ is an abbreviation that includes: lesbian, gay,
bisexual, transsexual, transgender, two-spirited, intersex,
quest, questioning and asexual.
One of the most frequent seen usages is LGBTQ.

To say that parenting is a journey of continued learning
and unique experiences may be one of life’s biggest
understatements. There will be instances of laughter and
tears, excitement and frustration, uncertainty and challenges
of varying degrees. There is no instruction manual. It’s
unpredictable, and sometimes things arise that you may
know nothing about. Regardless of your role as a parent,
guardian or primary caregiver, you have a choice: to explore
new ground or stay put. So, what happens when your child
begins to wonder about their sexuality or gender identity?
What if your child identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender, gender-variant, or maybe they just have
questions? What should you do? And how can you best
support them?

Thankfully we are living in a time where there is more
openness and information is becoming more readily
available. It’s important to recognize that this doesn’t
mean that there’s more understanding.

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