“….Health Risk Services Inc. is a full service insurance brokerage
operation serving in the best interests of your business….”

Health Risk Services Inc. is dually positioned as a full service Insurance Brokerage operation and a Third Party Administrator, designer and manager for Health Services Plans and Benefits programs.

  • Insured Group Benefit Plans
  • Business and Corporate Insurance
  • Personal and Family Insurance

With over 28 years of Insurance company and insurance product experience, Health Risk Services (HRS) Inc., has the ability and contractual agreements with insurance providers to enable us to “shop the market” for the “best products” offering the “best value” for our clients.

  • If you currently have a benefits plan in place or perhaps Personal Insurance for you and your family, we can help you to determine if your existing plans or portfolios are within the competitive marketplace for both the product and the premium. We can assist you in your discovery of whether or not you are experiencing the “ROI” or Return on Your Investment that you had originally hoped for when you purchased your products or if you should perhaps consider “renovating” those plans.
  • If you are in the process of considering the purchase of a benefits program for you and your employees or, are in fact looking to create a personal of family protection plan, HRS will educate you to the many options available to you and will then assist you in determining the best possible product solutions available to you for the best possible value pricing.

Whether “renovating” an existing plan or portfolio or creating a “brand new” plan, HRS will not only accompany you on your journey of product selection but will then provide you with all of the necessary administrative assistance to have your programs applied for, underwritten and implemented.

When it comes to Insurance, the HRS goal is to “always match the client’s wants and needs to the most appropriate product and program!” When that is accomplished, the client will experience the satisfaction & results that a well positioned plan is designed for!

“….Third Party Administrator, design and management of cutting edge health benefits program development….”

A. Private Health Services Plans
B. Self-funded benefits programs including Extended Health, Dental and Short-Term Disability Insurance

For over 15 years, Health Risk Services has been providing it’s clients with private health services plans and self-funded benefit plans. We take a great deal of pride in our ability to not only follow the “rules and guidelines” that dictate the general principles of these programs, but to most importantly be a provider of “innovative benefit solutions” for clients who may have no employees, to clients with hundreds or perhaps 1000’s of employees. Our goal is to educate perspective clients to the many advantages of these types of programs, what they can hope to expect from their plans and how we will help them reach the goals they have set for their new programs. After all, it is not just about the money being spent, it’s about the plan’s effectiveness in supporting it’s people and fitting with the organization’s values!

There are many functions related to our service as a Third Party Administrator, but our first job is to help you to identify the program that will work for you and your company and why! We will then set about the task of having the program of your visions created! Our IT department will build the appropriate adjudication system to match your program and we are ready to start paying your claims!

  • HRS will process Extended Health, Dental and Short Term Disability Claims
  • HRS will verify and adjudicate all claims based on their eligibility according to the plan and to Revenue Canada’s guidelines
  • HRS will provide all necessary documents and receipts for tax purposes and co-ordination of benefits

Whether you have invested in a Business or Personal Insurance Portfolio, a Private Health Services Plan or a Self-Funded Benefits Plan with Health Risk Services, we will endeavor to continuously review and manage each client’s plan or portfolio to ensure that they are functioning as desired and to make any changes necessary to move them into the future successfully!

“….governed by traditional industry practices and applicable products but leaders in HRS Inc branded programs giving your business the best health benefits plans options available….”

We will not only provide innovative solutions to your insurance and benefit plan concerns, but We will demonstrate our ability to continually meet your changing needs and growing expectations.