Program Design

shutterstock_244883158Health Risk Services Inc. performs customized Health Benefits Programs to fulfill the requirements of your business and effectively serve the needs of all of your employees. We will summarize your full list of health benefits requirements and “wishes” and design a program to include each of these components that works well with the structure and operations of your business. If your business operates with a plan that is already in place and currently satisfies your needs, HRS Inc. will mirror the plan in a efficient design that will continue to serve the needs of your employees.

There are a number of approaches that HRS Inc. can take to design the Private Health Services Plan (PHSP)that best suits your business requirements:

  • Health Spending Accounts
  • Cost Plus Accounts
  • Traditional Plan design
  • Individual/Personal Plans with Applicable health Benefits products
  • Combination Plan (Include any of the components above)

shutterstock_47730694Health Risk Services reviews and manages each client program on a continual monthly basis to ensure that the program is functioning as desired. Annual reviews with each client allow us to determine the past, present and future success of the plan and whether we need to “renovate” the program in any manner. The most significant advantage of a health program designed by HRS Inc. is that it will meet the specific needs and activities of the employees which work for in your business and is aligned closely to an administration process at HRS Inc. that allows claims processing and adjudication process to move very efficiently.

What are some of the main issues that PHSPs and HRS Inc. program design will confront and find effective solutions for?

  • Including only the health benefit products that you require and that you will use.
  • Applying funds to those benefits services as they are used and using only those funds which are required to cover the expense.
  • Providing options for payment, funding and reimbursement.
  • Providing options and flexibility on certain benefits that require options for usage throughout the term of the program.
  • Allow you to control the cost and premium dollars that are applicable to the benefits plan.