The Philosophy of a Healthy Organization is, above all, PEOPLE FOCUSED!

Investing in your people will pay off in the short term by creating HAPPY & HEALTHY productive employees who deliver better results on a daily basis!

Investing in your people will pay off over the long term as you will succeed in developing employees who will remain loyal, committed and invested in your company for many years to come!

Health Risk Services has been “PARTNERING” with Businesses over the past 15 years to assist them in their “Employee Investment” process by providing the Education necessary for Business Owners to choose and then implement a successful Employee Benefits Plan.

We May BE Small but we Provide Big Employee Benefits!

Health Risk Services Inc. is a Calgary based company providing Innovative Benefit Plans & Employee Retention & Rewards Solutions as well as Insurance Brokerage for all sizes of Companies! We always strive to look “outside of the box” in order to provide options and solutions to fit the needs of each business owner and that of their employees!

Here are the 5 Main Points that make Health Risk Services Inc. (HRS) so UNIQUE!!

1. HRS will turn your Benefits plan from a Liability to an Asset by putting the “OWNERSHIP” of the plan back into the hands of the Employer/Owner where it belongs!!

2. HRS believes that Benefits Plans should be a Benefit not just for the sick employees but should REWARD the healthy employees as well!!

3. HRS does not believe in constantly shopping the insurance market for lower prices but believes in the daily MANAGEMENT of your plan to restrict unsuspected surprises in the rise of both claims and premiums!

4. HRS consistently demonstrates IMMEDIATE RESPONSE to all forms of Personal Assistance for both Employers and Employees!

5. HRS believes in RELATIONSHIP with the client!

The other aspect that makes Health Risk Services Inc. (HRS) so UNIQUE is that we are a dually positioned company providing: (Read More…..)

1. THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATION (TPA or ASO) for the Design, Creation, Implementation and Management of ALL types of Self-Insured or Self-Administered Health and Dental Benefit Programs. This means that we play the same role and do the same job as the large Insurance Companies!!

At HRS we have over 14 years of experience in learning what is important to our clients when it comes to the type of benefits they wish to promise to their employees…we then use that knowledge to build and manage long-term successful Benefit Plans that are administered by Health Risk Services Inc .

We put the “OWNERSHIP” of the Benefit Plan back into the hands where it belongs – the EMPLOYER!

HRS will turn your Benefits Plan from just a Liability into an Asset!! We do this by educating our clients on how we will build a financial reserve for their business with unused premium dollars. This reserve can then be used for many enhancements such as Spending Accounts, increased annual maximums to chosen benefits or decreased premiums. The MANY CHOICES ARE YOURS!!

HRS has the ability to provide you with MORE VALUE for the same premium dollars you are already spending!! We believe that a well-positioned Benefits Plan is not about SAVING money but should be about providing the best product and services for the most reasonable cost! If you are paying out more premiums than the claims being paid and the expenses being incurred, then you are paying too much!!

HRS adjudicates ALL claims within a 48 hour period of time. Because your plan is being managed day to day, HRS can detect sudden changes in the nature of claims and can respond quickly and efficiently to make adjustments to your plan to keep it running smoothly. We can also respond immediately to claims that could exceed your plan’s premium budget potentially driving your costs thru the roof!

HRS maintains the INTEGRITY of your plan by ensuring the legitimacy of 100% of claims submitted and reimbursed!!

HRS believes that Benefit Programs should not only assist employees in need of products and services to help them return to health and of course to work, but Benefits Plans should be a Benefit and Reward to the Healthy as well!! We build very unique plans that are flexible enough to allow for 100% of your employees whether they be sick or healthy to feel that they have “benefited” by being your employee!!

Types of Benefit Plans offered by Health Risk Services Inc.:

• Traditional Defined Group Benefit Plans

• Flexible Group Benefit Plans

• Union or Hour Bank Plans

• Individually Owned Heath & Dental Plans

• Private Health Services Plans (PHSP)

• Health Spending Accounts

• Flexible Spending Accounts offering a combination of Taxable and Non-Taxable Accounts

• Cost Plus Accounts

• Combinations of any of the above

2. INSURANCE BROKERAGE – Health Risk Services Inc. has over 30 years of experience in the Insurance Company and Insurance Product markets for both Group Insurance clients and Personal Insurance clients. We maintain contracts with many of the large insurers which allows us to “shop the market” for the “best products” offering the “best value” for our clients.

Types of Insurance Products offered by Health Risk Services Inc.:

• Group Benefits Insurance – inclusive of Life, AD&D, Dependent, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Critical Illness

• Group Investment Plans – inclusive of RRSPs, TFSAs, and Pension Plans

• Business Insurance – inclusive of Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance

• Personal Insurance – inclusive of Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Long Term Care and Mortgage Insurance

HRS believes that “knowledge is power” so we will educate you as to your many insurance options, how the products work and how they best suit your needs. There are no high pressure sales here!! Once you understand your need, the product that provides the solution and the cost that fits your budget, you will make the proper choice….the decision is yours!!

HRS does not believe in constantly shopping the market for lower prices, but believes that RELATIONSHIP with an Insurer is important to the consistency of rates and service! If your plan is being managed by HRS, hidden or unsuspected surprises with large premium rates are a thing of the past!!

When the unfortunate death or disability arises for either an employee of a Group Benefits plan or that of a Personal client, HRS demonstrates IMMEDIATE RESPONSE. We ensure that we are involved to expedite the claim while at the same time assisting the individual or the family through a very difficult time.

HRS believes in RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CLIENT!! We develop long term relationships with our clients to ensure their insurance well-being not just today but for many years to come!


Not only will we provide you with innovative and practical solutions for your Benefit Plans and Insurance Product needs, but we will also demonstrate our ability to continually meet your requirements as they change and exceed your expectations of us as your provider.