Messages from the President

April 2020 – Health Risk Services Pandemic Plan:

I am writing to share an update on behalf of the Team here at Health Risk Services. As I am sure you will agree, the events of the past days and weeks have been unprecedented as we all pull together to manage this COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that you and your employees are provided with timely updates on any developments that may impact their benefits coverage. Please share any or all of this information with your employees.

December 2018 – Year End Message
It is hard to believe that we are already all focused on closing out our last few weeks of business for 2018?!

February 2018 – The Question of How Benefit Plans are “VALUED”
Have you ever wondered if Employees and Plan Sponsors (employers) “value” their health benefits plan in the same manner?

January 2018 – Which Benefits Do Employees Really Want On Their Benefit Plan?
Great question and one for which the answer will be continuously changing!! In fact, after providing clients with Employee Benefit Plans for the past 18 years I can honestly say that there is truly NO correct answer to this question just as there is no One Size fits All Benefits Plan!!