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Welcome to Health Risk Services

At Health Risk, we put our clients in the driver’s seat!

We empower employers and their teams by providing fully customized employee benefit plans and retirement solutions. Every business is different, so one-size fits all employee benefit plans often don’t work as well as they should for you and your staff.

Let Health Risk Services be your “One Stop Shop Boutique” for Customized Group Benefits & Retirement Plans, Corporate & Executive Insurance Strategies & Personal Insurance solutions.

Health Risk Services is a Calgary-based, full-service Insurance Brokerage and a Third-Party Administrator. We create, implement and manage innovative Insurance Plans and customized Employee Health Benefits Plans. We provide flexible, cost-effective alternatives to the basic one-size-fits-all industry products. And we do this one client at a time.

For more than 18 years, we’ve been working with clients like you – employers and their employees, the self-employed and individuals and their families – from across Canada. Unlike insurance companies who require a minimum of three to five employees, we have no size minimum or maximum. We create Plans for the self-employed and businesses with one employee or hundreds of employees.

We pride ourselves on bringing the human touch to all our business relationships and interactions, in an industry notorious for one-size-fits-all products and impersonal providers. We’re hands-on and accessible year-round, not just at renewal time. We’re here to help our clients and their employees get the full value of their benefits in a fair and timely manner.

Our Policy is our PROMISE of CARE – that as your Employee Benefits Partner, we will always be here to support you, your company and your employees. We provide the best experiences possible through both good and difficult times.

Our Value Propositions

  We provide customized solutions – one client at a time – versus one-size-fits-all products.

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What’s New

  • Employee & Family Assistance Programs

    Sometimes, employees require medical treatment which involves taking time away from the workplace.  Other times, they can receive treatment while remaining at work.  In some instances, employees who have been off work for health matters require services to help them come back to work.  Employee & Family Assistance Programs are designed to help employees in
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  • COVID-19 Takes a Toll on Canadians’ Mental Health

    At Health Risk Services, this is our second post about Mental Health. There is no doubt about it. The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on the mental health of Canadians. The combination of anxiety and isolation due to the virus and worries about finances can be overwhelming. Just how are Canadians doing? A study
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  • Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists: Confused?

    Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists are all important mental health providers, but many people are not clear on what the difference is between all three. Also, they might not be sure if their Benefits plan covers the services of all three types of professionals.  Some employers have expanded the list of mental health providers to include
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  • Paying Attention to Dental Fees

    This year has been full of unexpected upheaval thanks to COVID-19. There has been a lot of change in the workplace too, for employers and employees. Health providers have also been impacted. If you have visited the dentist recently (pre-COVID or post opening up), chances are you have noticed that dental fees are getting higher.
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  • Are Your Employees Caring for Aging Parents?

    As an employer, you can support your employees who are caring for aging parents in a number of ways. According to Statistics Canada, in 2018, one in four Canadians were caring for an elderly parent or friend.  Clearly with the growing older population, that number will continue to rise.  For employees caring for older parents,
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  • Choosing Your Own “Physical” Wellness Program

    “Sitting is the new smoking.” Thanks to the sedentary workplace and lifestyle of many Canadians, this has become the new warning from a variety of experts in the health industry.  We raise our health risks for heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even some cancers by spending the better part of our days sitting. This problem
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  • Supporting Employees with Mental Illness During COVID-19

    During all the upheavals of COVID-19, employees are facing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety. For employees who were already suffering from depression, anxiety, or addictions before the lock down, the past few months have been additionally difficult.  Whether they are working from home, or were temporarily laid off, they may have had to deal
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