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Does the thought of starting over with your employee benefits keep you up at night?

As a result of our insight and expertise in addressing all these issues, HRS clients have experienced broader benefit value & coverage, consistent management, personalized services and sustainable pricing. 

You deserve the same result!

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What Makes Us Different

We Empathize

We appreciate that your business has it’s own unique Benefit Plan challenges.  Our Discovery Session will take you through a process of understanding why those challenges are occurring and the overall affects that they are having on your organization. We work to understand your current business environment, your long-term objectives and corporate philosophy.  WE GET YOU!


We present perfect recommendations tailored to address your benefit challenges.  However, it is the education that we provide you regarding these solutions, that ultimately allows you to make the qualified decision. 


With your perfect plan in place, we continue to work by your side making sure you are maximizing the value of your plan with full confidence.  We continue to be your partner for your overall success, with a promise of Care, Support and Guidance.

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Here's How We Do Awesome

Schedule a discovery session

We will meet to understand your current benefits environment. Our Discovery method will assist us in understanding your business, its goals, and objectives. Armed with this knowledge, we perform a comprehensive evaluation.

Create a Customized Solution

Based on the findings from the Discovery Session we will craft the perfect “Customized Solution” that meets all your needs. Our recommendations will be transparent, dynamic, and flexible.

Implement the

With your perfect plan in place, you can focus on other aspects of your business and your employees can enjoy a plan that keeps them healthy and happy! As your Benefits Partner, we will continue to work by your side making sure you are maximizing the value of your plan. As your Benefits Partner, we will be your Advocate!

5 Mistakes Canadian Companies Make with Their Benefits Plan

Different types and sizes of businesses require different Benefit Plans to protect their owners, employees, company assets, productivity, and longevity. Choosing the right plan isn’t an easy process, but there are some very simple dos and don’ts you can follow to ensure you’ll get the very best value. In this free guide we share the five mistakes to avoid when you are investigating benefit plans.

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At Health Risk, we know you want to provide the best employee benefits possible so you can attract, retain, and reward your employees. To do that, you need to find the right benefits partner to help you succeed. This is often an overwhelming process. The last thing you want to feel or experience is that you don’t have a partner that understands the vision and values of your organization. The last thing you want to feel is that you are not getting the financial value from your benefits plan or the support required for your employees. 

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