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Health Risk Services is a Calgary-based, full-service Insurance Brokerage and a Third-Party Administrator. We create, implement and manage innovative Insurance Plans and customized Health Benefits Plans. We provide flexible and cost-effective alternatives to the basic one-size-fits-all industry products. And we do this one client at a time.

For more than 18 years, we’ve been working with clients like you – employers and their employees, the self-employed and individuals and their families – from across Canada. Unlike insurance companies who require a minimum of three to five employees, we have no size minimum or maximum; we create Plans for the self-employed and businesses with one employee or hundreds of employees.

We pride ourselves on bringing the human touch to all our business relationships and interactions, in an industry notorious for one-size-fits-all products and impersonal insurance providers. We’re hands-on and accessible year-round – not just at renewal time. We’re here to help our clients and their employees – in any way we can – get the full value of their benefits in a fair and timely manner.


We provide customized solutions – one client at a time – versus one-size-fits-all products.

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What’s New

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